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Vee G.
Baltimore, MD
My six year old wanted her hair straight for a change. It turned out beautiful. Everybody who was there looked good when they left. No waiting on a Thursday evening. One stylist saw my daughter's long curly hair and said no, she did not want to do it. They lack customer service but they do hair very well.
Lantrese S.
Owings Mills, MD
The reason for the high rating: my hair came out PERFECT. I got a wash, blow dry, & flat iron. My hair was sooo silky & beautiful! The place was also nicely designed.

It would've been 5 stars, if communicating with the stylists weren't so difficult cause of language barrier & how the price went from $45 to $60 kind of disappointing.
Tiffany C.
Inglewood, CA
Definitely my Bmore salon when I come in town. Nice people and a super clean salon! A true Dominican salon!!!
Katara E.
Severna Park, MD
So far so good, I loved the products used in my hair. I'm used to paying a lot more for a lot less. The only thing I didn't like was they didn't attempt to put curlers in my hair, they said my texture was too curly. Other than that it was a pretty decent experience. Maria was great!
Michael G.
Baltimore, MD
This review is for the guys who want the model look on the woman of their dreams. After a couple of hours my wife comes home and her hair, WOW!
Christel T.
San Antonio, TX
This was my second time going here and once again they did an amazing job on my hair. My only issue was I was in there for three hours because I was not consulted and decided to get a wash and set and flat iron roots after because I wanted curl.i ended up sitting under the dryer having hair flat ironed straight(for that I could have gotten a blow out and cut my time in half) and then me telling here I wanted a curl. Even though I was in the salon way longer than anticipated, my hair came out perfect. My hair does not hold a curl but mine lasted a whole week, from flat ironing curls in it! I will be back when I visit MD again. The price is unbeatable!
Juana G.
Beechfield, Baltimore, MD
My all time fav salon! $30 gets you an awesome wash n blowout! Yvette is the rest washer and Carmen will have you looking like a new person! Gets really busy on Thurs (discount day) and the normal Saturday - but worth the wait! Love these ladies! Very talented and kind. They do natural hair and short hair as well!
Ce I.
Owings Mills, MD
I LOVE this place. Just make sure to get there at LEAST an hour before they are scheduled to close.

It doesn't matter which lady does your hair because they are know what they're doing & are careful of your head. If you don't understand something because of their accents they always call over someone to reiterate or explain. They always ask for your approval before doing anything.

The only crappy thing is since I have natural hair (outside of coloring) it costs more to get it done... Boo! Call to see when they have specials on deep conditioners & such. Paper thin & it lasts me for Weeks!

EVERY TIME I GO I PAY EXACTLY $50 (plus tip): Wash, Conditioner, Deep Conditioner, Dryer, Blow Out/Set ... & Telemundo!
Jasmina D.
Towson, MD
I went here a few weeks ago since I needed a relaxer touch up, and my stylist was on vacation. I was a little apprehensive trying a new place, but ended up being pleasantly surprised. I came in around 2 on a Friday, and they were able to take me right away. Wash and set was amazing, really silky afterwards. I usually have them blow dry the roots, then flat iron the ends to avoid so much blow drying.

The environment felt a little more upgraded than your typical Dominican salon, they recently changed locations apparently, so the inside was nicely decorated and clean. Everyone was friendly to me, yes all stylists spoke Spanish, but I guess that really didn't bother me, kind of expected that. The stylists who did my relaxer, seemed like the owner? She was very warm, second chair from front, on the right. Did a great job.

I would definitely go back to get a wash and style and the relaxer was reasonably priced and I didn't experience any burns, plus she got it really straight.
Kia L.
Baltimore, MD
I'm gonna give 4 stars to offset the two bad reviews. It's more of a 3.5 place, but they deserve the extra .5 star for the Thursday special. It gets pretty crowded on Thursdays because of the $25 wash/set deal. They are pretty much like all dominican salons, but this one is a little more spacious on the INSIDE. Parking outside is a BITCHHHHHH. Seriously, it's awful. What a horrible spot to lease a hair salon at. Don't get caught slippin, cuz they will tow your ass.

Communication barrier is serious here, but the receptionist can be beckoned over if you really need something to be understood. And note that they charge about $5 more for natural hair. I found that out the hard way, but still the Thursday special really saves you if you are on a tight budget.

Not sure what products they use, but I do know they let you bring in your own (if that's a problem for you).
Ericka R.
New York, NY
This is a great place for black women to get there hair done without the creamy crack. Looking to get those kinks heated straight? This is the spot for you. Its close to public transportation since parking seems iffy. The hours are great (vary though so call ahead).
I have naturally kinky hair and the two times i have gone to get it straighten I have felt wonderful leaving the salon. The shampoos used and great and the two chicks in the front will have your hair full of body and bounce. Their trims are good and always your not there longer than an hour 1/2. The price it right also for a shampoo, blow and curl you'll pay about $50 skleems. On Thursday they have specials too.
Knowing Spanish makes you feel a little less left does the coffee and doughnuts on the weekend. When I'm in Bmore this is the place I get my hair done. Trust this place is where its at.